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Yes, those are my hands. I've loved using my 'sixth sense' all my adult years and regularly relished making random offerings to friends and family. They always seemed to love it, and I knew that one day I should do this. So glad I did, as I don't go to work any more. 


It's a very compelling thing to use the magic of intuition in conjunction with evidence-based practice - where each person who arrives for treatment needs a particular combination of my skills and consideration. Pregnant, young, 'old salt', menopausal, special needs, hard-core runner: each has their own story and preferences. Gently, we work together to find the best way to interact and find answers, which may involve working with other health professionals along the way.


One philosophy that has guided me all these years is taking care of our natural world, where I believe that we vote with our money every day. To this end, you can rest assured that the linen used is organic cotton, the electricity generating the all-important warmth in the treatment room is from renewable sources and the soap in the bathroom is free from palm oil. Even the bank is part of this underlying principle: it doesn't invest in fossil fuels. Just a few examples, but you get the idea.

I look forward to working with you.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


When you're aching to just still yourself and smooth out sore muscles, a session of flowing, feel-good-but-firm massage will have you floating out the door. No fluffy lightweight techniques here, but a sensitively tailored session.

Our Relaxation Therapists have been chosen not only for their skills but more importantly their empathy, to make you feel like you're in the right place, safe and able to 'drop off' - so very necessary in these busy times.

45 mins treatment (60 mins appointment) $90

60 mins treatment (75 mins appointment) $115


This is for specific problems, where you'll likely find that an ache in one area will be contributing to another, and another...


A more thorough pre-treatment assessment will guide the focus, and the techniques will be more specific and felt more deeply - all within your tolerance level.


But as everyone needs a little respite, there's some cruisey time to unwind those deeper tensions.

45 mins treatment (60 mins appt) $90

60 mins treatment (75 mins appt) $115

90 mins treatment $150

Health fund claimable


Pregnancy massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general well-being during pregnancy. NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage Practitioners are highly skilled therapists in pregnancy massage, guided by Catherine McInerney, Australia's leading expert and educator in pregnancy massage. (See Pregnancy Massage Australia for more information)

Developed by Pregnancy Massage Australia, this specialised massage treatment method focuses on nurturing both mother and baby. It assists in relieving many of the common causes of discomfort during pregnancy, such as groin, lower back and hip pain, oedema, as well as neck tension following breastfeeding and much more.

As a NurtureLife Practitioner, I am trained to watch for the little signs of conditions that may need to be referred to your health care team. Best of all, I have lots of ways to keep you and your baby safe and comfortable throughout your treatments, and stay up to date with the latest research and methods.

When a client is very young, or communication skills are limited due to intellectual disability, a different approach is needed.


I have worked both as a teacher of young children and also with clients of all abilities at Yooralla, where over time the trust established has led to some real breakthroughs in my capacity to treat muscular tensions that initially seem hard to access, due to habitual stances or behaviours.

Foremost in my mind when working with those with special needs is respect, keeping an open mind to the possibilities and level of understanding that lies behind.


People don't need so much stuff. Gifting someone special with a massage voucher will help them move better, with a calmer mind and happier outlook. Can't get that so easily out of a box.


Go the envelope instead - you can collect the pretty version from two locations in the area (Sandy Point General Store and Natural Living in Foster) or email to the lucky recipient directly.




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